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  1. Sergio says:

    I do option day trading on google and apple. Any tips?


  2. Wasim says:

    I am also a trend following trader (new to the market). Would you elaborate the money management rules you follow (esp for forex)? and which method you prefer MA crossover or Breakouts?

    • jooleng says:

      Hi Wasim

      In terms of money management, do not risk more than 1% of your money on any trade.
      If you have $10000, $100 is the maximum you can risk on every trade. If you lose, you will only lose
      1% of your money.

      If you follow my trading journal, you should be able to tell I am a breakout trader.

  3. JF says:


    I’m looking into trading in the forex market and have been looking at different strategies online. I came across trend following and am very intrigued and interested to learn more about it.
    Might I ask, how did you pick it up and what would you recommend for me to pick up this method??


    • jooleng says:

      Hi Jing Fang

      First of all, you have to understand yourself. Since you are into forex,
      find the time frame which you are comfortable to trade with.
      You may find out more from

      Hope that will answer your query.

      • JF says:

        Hi Jooleng,

        Thanks for the reply. I’m not too sure what you mean by time frame? The website is very helpful and also very broad too. But if you don’t mind, can you drop me an email( to continue our conversation as I have more specific questions I would like to ask you about. If you don’t mind that is.


  4. Marianne says:

    Hi Joo leng,

    I visit your blog regurlarly, very good!
    Do you have any recommandations on courses to follow for a beginner in day trading? Do you know the courses by Courtney Smith or Marcus’ de maria? Would you recommend any of these?

    Thank you!

    • jooleng says:

      Hi Marianne

      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can take courses conducted by Courtney Smith. I am also a student of Courtney.
      However, I am not sure if he has any courses for day trading. You may drop him an email to find out.
      I have never taken any of Marcus’s courses so I am unable to comment.
      Hope that will answer your query.

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